3D Signs

Go Big LA a Los Angeles based design company that also specializes in custom 3D signs and customized sign design to afford businesses the ability to accent their storefront, clinic or restaurant in a unique way. Our 3D signs aim to increase foot traffic and give your storefront originality.

Our custom 3D signs are all handmade or precision cut signs that pull people in and old their attention. We have produced 3D designs for the likes of Outback Steakhouse and Whole Foods, amongst others. Whether you are merely looking for smaller signs for the interior of your business or you need a massive awning sized sign, Go Big LA’s sign designers are up for the challenge. No matter the size 3D sign, we can deliver. We specialize in wood, metal and other bold materials.

The World of Signage is Not Flat Anymore.. The Future is 3D Signs!

3D Signs The world of signs and business isn’t flat anymore. Any shape or letter can be formed into a three-dimensional object, making it possible to present your business with signs that literally stand out from the rest as three-dimensional works of art. Go Big LA offers a wide array of materials and colors, and can design applications for use indoors or out.

3D signs create an effect of depth and space and deliver a high-impact presentation. These types of signs are perfect for indoor and outdoor business signs. 3D signs can also be installed on outdoor walls to be seen from a distance, in reception areas, on monuments or on plaques.

Three-dimensional signs are also produced in color. Various materials are used to produce our custom 3D signs, and the materials used are determined by the location and purpose of the storefront 3D sign. Dimensional letters are a great way to present your company!

If you own a clothing store, salon, restaurant, art gallery or any small business for that matter, you’ll want to invest in a custom 3D sign for your company. We help both big and small businesses create a buzz about their building. 

Go Big LA also offers complete marketing and web design services to fully flesh out an entire business redesign both online and in the real world. Our services cover a wide range of business promotion. Take your company to the next level with our 3D signage and expert marketing services.

Custom Signs & 3D Signage

Custom Sign Design Whether you are wanting custom laser cut 3D signs, hand painted signs or custom woodwork to grace the front of your business, restaurant, or office building, Go Big LA can deliver. We have made 3D sign design an art form and pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship. Customize your storefront and personalize it to your liking. Anything is possible when you get your 3D signage through Go Big LA.

Go Big L.A. is proud to be a Los Angeles based logo design and marketing firm with offices right in the Hollywood Hills! Custom 3D Sign Design. Done Right.

Contact our friendly sales department and start defining the look and feel of your business. 

3D Signs

Custom 3D Signs and Business Signage

The front of your business is the first thing the passerby sees. All of those people are potential customers. Not to mention, with the advent of Google Earth and Street View on Google, the front of your business is easily found online. No one is excited about a drab or nondescript storefront. You need a design scheme that grabs peoples’ attention and lures them in. An expertly designed 3D sign can do exactly that. We offer professional and full customized 3D signs at affordable prices and within your timeframe.

Why not show the world your creativity and have your signage pop out amidst a sea of other flat and dull signs. 

Trust the experts. Let’s work together to make your perfect business sign a reality!

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With over 14 years of experience creating custom 3D signs that draws the attention of the onlooker. Call us at Toll-Free 1-888-373-5696 today to speak with a professional & friendly  representative, or visit Go Big LA for a full roster of our world-class 3D sign services.

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