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Attorney Social Media Marketing Many law firms suffer from social media phobia. Go Big L.A. takes the pressure off by managing your social media campaigns. We love tweeting, pinning & facebooking with targeted posts to reach your current and potential customer base. Over 400 million people per day log into Facebook. That’s a huge untapped market. Having a substantial Facebook or Twitter following equates to free advertising for your latest marketing campaign.

#1 Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social media inspires customer loyalty. When a client is satisfied with your services, they will yelp or tweet about their positive experience. Effective social media campaigns create a buzz. The latest Google algorithms favor websites who are trending with a strong social presence.  Every lawyer needs social media marketing. Viral campaigns and content can expose your law firm to thousands or even millions of new clients.

The Benefits of SMM

Did you know that 316.2 Million* people live in the United States Of America and that 56% of Americans have a profile on a social networking site? This means that with social networking you have the power to reach over 158.1 MILLION Americans. This number is only true if your company is limited to America. Worldwide there are 1.73 billion people on Social Networking. So one obvious benefit from Social Media marketing is the power and reach you have to take your law firm to the next level.

The next reason is the amount of consumers who are influenced by social media. Social Media Marketing for Lawyers and AttorneysFacebook in particular is known for helping law firms increase their customer base exponentially. This networking platform is proven to be the most addicting with users checking their profiles more than 5 times per day. 47% of Americans say that Facebook is not only an influencer of their purchase, but is, in fact, the main dictator in what they buy.

Over 70% of Marketers say they use Facebook to obtain new business. Direct sales through social media marketing is a good way to obtain new customers or clients through direct interactions and engaging posts. Another example of why this new media strategy works is because we create a brand and build your reputation in the process.

Up next, reviews, the most challenging obstacle your law firm faces. 71% of consumers change their perception on a company based on the nature of online reviews. This means that if your law firm has some negative reviews you are in TROUBLE. If you get negative reviews the most important thing to do is quickly respond, apologize and clear up the client’s issues.

If a law firm takes the time to respond to all reviews (positive or negative) it shows that the company values the consumer’s opinion and experience with them. More than 87% of consumers described reviews as a reinforcing decision for their purchases or services while 80% of these consumers have decided not to purchase a product or service because of negative content they have viewed on the internet. Reviews can be a company’s best friend or biggest enemy, it all comes down to the the quality of the service they sell. Go Big L.A. offers a complete reputation management service as part of our social media marketing packages!

When your law firm is questioning whether or not they should engage in Social Media Marketing… the answer is always YES. With our winning Attorney Social Media Management the opportunities are endless and Go Big L.A. knows exactly how to grow your customer base & build your brand. You can reach over 1.73 Billion people through social networking so start your custom campaign today!

Attorney Social Media Marketing Firm

Social Media Management Strategy for Your Law Firm

Our social media strategies reinforces your brand identity and keep you at the forefront of established and new client’s minds. It’s a win-win situation and you deserve a motivated team to preach the gospel of your law firm. Expect the VIP treatment – we tackle each & every attorney project with dedication and enthusiasm. Go Big L.A. is proud to represent businesses worldwide with offices located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.

Social Media Marketing Sells.

70% of Online Marketers have used Facebook to generate new business.

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