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Flash websites offer an immersive, interactive and filmic quality that a standard html site just can’t match. From music to complex animations, we have you covered with the latest in flash technology development.

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Go Big L.A. understands you want to take your site to the next level with dynamic flash presentations. We can develop full flash websites such as this recent sample:

Los Angeles Flash Developer

But in most cases we will recommend a hybrid approach of both flash and static technologies. For example, a flash introduction or flash banner on a primarily static website. There are multiple reasons for this.

1. The search engines place an obvious preference on static websites with an emphasis on text. If you are subscribing to one of our marketing campaigns we can deliver much stronger results with a static or mixed media site.

2. Flash sites take longer to load, which will also lead to your site be penalized by google. Also surfers are much more likely to bounce (leave the site) if your site doesn’t load quickly and efficiently.

3. Flash is not accessible on iPhones and some other mobile devices. In this case we will install a “sniffer” that sniffs out the browser and supplies alternate content in situations where flash is not an option.

Professional Flash Design and Development Services

On the plus side, flash comes pre-installed on most browsers and is still accessible by over 1 billion users. It provides a rich, interactive experience that a static website can never rival. Online games are developed in flash. Media companies continue to show a strong preference for flash sites that make a serious impact.

For these reasons we recommend a website that offers both speed-optimized flash banners & introductions as well as the static experience for the search engines and those with browser limitations.

Go Big L.A. rolls out the red carpet for you with dedicated Los Angeles Flash Developers.

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