The hidden benefits of having a solid social media presence

Apr 03, 2014

Social Media Marketing: The hidden benefits of having a solid social media presence.

There is always an element of skepticism when weighing the effectiveness of your social media presence and whether or not it’s worth the effort. Businesses venture into the land of social media marketing expecting to see a huge turn around on their investment, but what few understand is that it takes time to gain momentum through this method of online marketing. However, we have taken the liberty to list a few reasons why it may be working better than you previously realized.

1. Take advantage of your cyber community – The fantastic thing about social media sites is that you have instant access to your followers. At the click of a mouse you can see consumer’s likes and dislikes, what their challenges are, and possibly even what they are looking for in a competitor’s product. You also have the ability to have an open dialog with the customer, which could be very valuable when cultivating a solid social media presence.

2. Brand Recognition – A very powerful way to utilize social media is as a brand-building tool. You are in charge of positioning your brand. You get to be at the helm of how you want your business to be consumed and viewed by potential customers. Couple that with top notch content and you can easily build your brand’s reputation around your company’s values, benefits, and overall objectives.

3. Exposure – Marketing gurus have said time and time again that a customer has to be exposed to a product six to eight times before they decide to make a purchase. With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you are able to remind your clients multiple times of your good or services, which can slash your sales cycle dramatically and boost your social media presence.

When all is said and done a solid and up-to-date social media presence is excellent for any business. You may think that you’re not seeing any significant results, but don’t be fooled by the anonymity of the internet. Give it a little time, be consistent, and always stay on top of fresh content. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of a solid social media campaign.

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