Hollywood Website Design

Hollywood Website Design

Website Design and Website Development. They’re the same thing, right? 

Actually, no.

Website design is the creative side. The look, the message, the brand identity you want to convey to your customers. It’s all about panache & style. Think of it as the right hemisphere of your brain. Designers have more of a rockstar persona;  they drive fast cars, date wild women and create compelling brands that sell.

Website Development is the practical side: the intricate framework behind the design, the skeleton of codes & scripts that make your website perform like a champ. Think of it as the left hemisphere of your brain. Coders are like mad scientists tinkering away in their labs. They don’t have time for fast cars or dating, they are working on perfecting your code right now.

Hollywood Website Design Firm

Many website design firms seem unable to grasp this basic concept – they assign a single provider to your entire project. At Go Big L.A., we understand that everyone has their own unique talents. That’s why we always have an actual designer creating your website layout. Makes sense, right? Coders aren’t suitable designers nor are designers suitable coders. They are completely different methodologies with completely different skillsets. Rest assured, our professional Hollywood web designers will deliver you multiple concepts & proofs until you’re 100% satisfied. Then and only then will we move on to the website development phase.

Custom Professional Website Designers

Your website will be professionally designed in Photoshop. Every client has different tastes. Expect brutal honesty. It leads to a better final product. We fully respect your vision but trust the experts to refine it for the best possible end result. Please reference other websites we’ve designed, a competitor’s site or really, any site. This gives us a fantastic starting point. We are not in the business of stealing content or graphics, we just want to know your personal style.

Trust the experts. Let’s work together to turn your perfect website dream into a reality!

Go Big L.A. is proud to be a Hollywood-based business with offices located right in the Hollywood Hills. Please contact our friendly sales team today to start your next project.

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