How To Make More Money With Your Website

Sep 23, 2015


How do I get more business from my website?So… you’ve finally brought your website into the 21st Century.

Now – Where’s the Business?!

So far you’ve seen no measurable improvement in phone calls, foot traffic or even online traffic… and that costly redesign is showing NO ROI.

How to make more money with your websiteHaving a beautiful website without the proper marketing behind it is like having the hottest sports car in the city and never taking it out of your garage!

It’s time to show that baby off…

So what can you do to easily increase your traffic and make more money? These 3 marketing strategies will help put you on the fast track to success.

Social Media Marketing1. Social Media Marketing

Did you know that there are over 1.73 billion people using social media in 2015? How about the fact that 75% of consumers are using social media to help them make their buying decisions? If you’re not currently using social media marketing correctly, you’re missing out on real sales.

Implementing a good social media strategy will help your branding, reputation management and even create organic fans & brand ambassadors! What does this mean for your company? More traffic, better ROI, and more exposure: locally, nationally, & internationally.

Of course you can attempt to navigate the stormy seas of social media marketing yourself… or you can rely on a professional team to steer your ship safely to the shores of success.

We love tweeting, pinning & facebooking with targeted posts to reach your current & future customer base. We will propel your firm straight to the top with viral campaigns, creating real fans, followers and new customers!

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How to make more money online

2. Content Marketing

Quality Original Content is the most effective way to keep your customers engaged and become the leader in your industry. According to The ExactTarget, 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are more likely to make a purchase from that company.

Another staggering statistic is that B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who don’t. Quality Content Creation keeps your customers consistently engaged across every social channel resulting in more interactions, followers and sales!

We create original, branded content that gets noticed, whether it be written words, images or video.

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SEO gets you more customers3. Search Engine Optimization

When you have an important question, where do you go? Google, of course!

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. The truth is there are over 3.5 billion searches made every single day on Google. So what does SEO mean to you and your website’s traffic? If you aren’t in the top 10 search results for the high level keywords in your industry, you are missing out on tons of business. 75% of Google users don’t even make it past the first page!

Still not convinced that SEO will dramatically increase your business?
Consider this: SEO leads have a whopping 14.6% close rate, whereas outbound leads (direct mail & print advertising) show a comparatively unimpressive 1.7% close rate.

Conclusion: SEO works, and it will improve your business.

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It’s time to start showing off that gorgeous new website and seeing a real return on your investment. Without substantial traffic consistently going to your website & a professional marketing company building your brand, this will never happen.

Go Big L.A. is a full-service digital marketing agency located in beautiful Los Angeles, CA, specializing in Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Branding and Content Marketing. When you sign a contract with Go Big L.A. you can always expect 100% exclusivity in your chosen market. We will never promote you against your competitors. It’s time to expect more from your marketing company.

We offer the services you deserve to make you #1 in your industry.



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