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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Services

Did you know that there are over 2 billion people using social media in 2017? An eye-popping 75% of consumers are using social media to help them make their buying decisions? If you’re not currently using Instagram marketing to promote your brand or business, you’re missing out on real sales. Instagram is quickly becoming the more useful of the social media platforms to create brand awareness, drive traffic and boost sales.

While most business owners are familiar with ad space on Facebook and utilize their platform to boost sales and expand their online presence, Instagram Marketing is quickly becoming just as useful, maybe even more so than the other social media giants.



Instagram Marketing is Quickly Proving Its Worth

Instagram marketing is and emerging tactic that is helping Marketers and Small Business Owners produce amazing results on a daily basis. If you’re interested in learning more about Instagram Marketing and how it can help boost sales and drive sales through the roof, contact Go Big LA for further information today

Implementing a rock solid Instagram marketing strategy will help your branding, reputation management and even create organic fans & brand ambassadors! What does this mean for your company? More traffic, better ROI, and more exposure: locally, nationally, & internationally.

Go Big LA specializes in Instagram Marketing Strategies to help catapult your business and online presence to the next level. 

Instagram has recently introduced its advertising capabilities to the public, and with 400 Million + users, this is amazing news. The advertising process in whole is all managed through Facebook’s Business platform, A blog post published by Instagram states a 2.8x higher increase in ad recall over 400 global ad campaigns that were used in the advertising methods initial launch. The company projects to retain $600 Million in annual advertising revenue by the end of 2015, which is nothing compared to their predicted $1 Billion in the following 3 – 4 years.

These numbers are impressive, which is why Instagram Marketing has managed to garner the interest of Fortune 500 companies to the Mom-and-Pop shops across the globe, and these are the 4 reasons why.

  1. Seamless Advertising
Los Angeles Instagram Marketing Firm

Our Marketing Agency Specializes in Targeted Instagram Ad Campaigns

Similar to Facebook’s extremely successful and seamless advertising technique, Instagram Marketing allows Ad’s to be integrated into users feeds so they can scroll uninterrupted. The advertisements naturally blend into the feeds, with the only indication of it being an ad is the label ‘sponsored post’ at the top right corner and the CTA (Call-To-Action) button in the bottom right corner. The fluidity of this process is widely appreciated by Instagram users. There are 3 different format variations – a carousel of images, a single image and a video which can be 30 seconds in length. This will make it easier for brands to stay coherent with their identity and campaign objective.

  1.  Targeting

Working with the same technological advantages that Facebook offers, Instagram advertisers are capable of being highly specific on who they reach. Focusing on your target market’s demographics, location, interests and behaviors is a huge advantage that not enough brands implement into their campaigns. By doing this, your impressions are more likely to be relevant, resulting in a higher conversion rate, and overall much lower CPC’s (Cost Per Clicks). More reasons to love this is that since all ad’s are run through Facebook’s advertising platform the technology is optimized to easily track metrics, which will result in more successful ads in the future. With that being said, the third reason Instagram advertising is amazing: Increased Conversions & Engagement.

  1. Increased Conversions & Engagement

Increased ad effectiveness is something Instagram Marketing is currently notorious for. In the testing stages when IG (Instagram) was seeing how powerful their newly coveted marketing method worked, they found that similar Facebook ads accumulated 15 – 30 likes, and Instagram ads received a whopping 300-500 likes! Instagram owes this to their User Base which is a content consuming machine, as well as the infrastructure of the advertising algorithm which favors ads with a high CTR (Click-Through-Rate), meaning they are presented more often to provide relevant ads to users that will be genuinely interested!

  1. Specified Objective

Mimicking Facebook’s multiple objective campaign capabilities, advertisers have the ability to increase installations of your app, drive traffic to their website, even promote purchases with the ‘buy now’ option. By developing the correlation between a business and its various objectives, like, exposure to site traffic and even sales, Instagram ads attract customers with specific formats to reach a particular goal. This is an ever-changing advertising technique that will, in retrospect, never stop changing and evolving. With customers’ expectations evolving, the ad infrastructure will follow those trends.shrugs

Having a beautiful website with proper Facebook and Instagram Marketing Strategies to fuel It can really make all of the difference in the world.  

So what can you do to easily increase your traffic and make more money?

Social Media Marketing

#1 Social Media Marketing

Instagram Marketing Agency Solutions

Instagram has reached 400 million users, outranking Twitter, and that number is still growing. There are close to 2 billion people using social media in 2017. How about the fact that 75% of consumers are using social media to help them make their buying decisions? If you’re not currently using Instagram marketing correctly, you’re missing out on real sales and brand exposure.

Implementing a good social media strategy will help your branding, reputation management and even create organic fans & brand ambassadors! What does this mean for your company? More traffic, better ROI, and more exposure: locally, nationally, & internationally.

Of course you can attempt to navigate the stormy seas of social media and Instagram marketing yourself… or you can rely on a professional team to steer your ship safely to the shores of success.

We love tweeting, Instagramming, Pinning & Facebooking with targeted posts to reach your current & future customer base. We will propel your business straight to the top with viral campaigns, creating real fans, followers and new customers!

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It’s time to start being one step ahead of the competition and not lightyears behind them. Instagram Marketing is quickly proving its importance in the advertising world. Why not use this opportunity to garner consistent and substantial traffic flowing to your website? Go Big LA is a professional marketing company that is here to build your brand, boost online sales and continue to watch those numbers grow.

Go Big L.A. is a full-service digital marketing agency located in beautiful Los Angeles, CA, specializing in Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Branding and Instagram Marketing. When you sign a contract with Go Big L.A. you can always expect 100% exclusivity in your chosen market. We will never promote you against your competitors. It’s time to expect more from your marketing company.

We offer the Instagram Marketing and other forms of social media marketing to help get your business to the next level and make you #1 in your industry.


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