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Music Festival Marketing Company | Concert Advertising Agency

Concert Festival Marketing AgencyNot only do we market for music festivals & concert events, we also attend them. Go Big L.A. is composed of an enthusiastic team of marketing professionals who also LOVE dance music, rock, hip hop & much more.

We are experts at promoting your concert event in Southern California & beyond. We have concert promoters & brand ambassadors with millions of followers at our eager disposal.

Stop wasting time. Let the trusted professionals sell out your concert event this year.

We have the proven blueprint to success on a local, national and global playing field, from comprehensive branding campaigns to focused digital marketing & media strategies for your music festival event.

When you sign a contract with Go Big L.A. you can always expect 100% exclusivity in your chosen market. We will never promote you against your competition. It’s time to expect more from your marketing company.

Introducing: Our Exclusive Music Festival Brand Ambassador Program!Music Festival Marketing and Promotions

Harness the power of the new stars of social media, from YouTube to Facebook to Instagram to Vine!

For a fraction of the cost of a single high-profile celebrity endorsement, our exclusive brand ambassadors will bring your music festival massive new viral exposure!

We have the connections you want. With the proper strategy, promotions & budget, this program is guaranteed to sell out your next concert event.

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Music Festival Street Teams & Event Staffing

Whether you need staffing, security or street teams to help you promote your event, Go Big LA has you covered. Our street team management and staffing services promote your event directly to your target market. Our services include:

  • Street Team hiring & training
  • Management
  • Booking & Talent Buying
  • Production & Stage Design
  • Brand Awareness
  • Social media campaigns
  • Event Staffing, including dancers, models, AV professionals, Security, Food Service, etc
  • Flyering
  • Lead generation
  • Content Creation
  • Sponsorship Sales & Services
  • Hospitality for Special Guests & VIPs
  • Vendor Sourcing & Management
  • Merchandising & Licensing
  • Budget, Legal & Insurance

How Festival Branding Works 

When a Festival Brand successfully produces a festival, it attains a Value that can be licensed. This means we can, for example, rent out the name to a festival in Australia that PAYS US $100,000 upfront to use the brand name.  They also PAY US 50% of all profits and incur 100% of all costs and liability, while they follow our franchise requirements. In the media, we appear as having multiple festivals across the world but our resources remain free to continue on our main annual flagship event (unless we choose to do more than 1 of our 100% events a year of course). Our Brand will also be licensed out to weekly club events, concerts, TV shows, etc. for further revenue. Our Brand may also be used to open our own establishments; like Nightclubs, Amphitheaters, Concert Halls, etc. to secure consistent weekly revenue.

How A Festival Brand Succeeds

  1. Invest heavily in establishing the Brand​ of the festival, and follow up with a well-executed marketing, advertising and PR campaign.
  2. Produce SUCCESSFUL 1st Festival (size doesn’t matter; ​ positive audience reaction and good PR does)​
  3. Brand now has VALUE​ in terms of a dedicated fan base
  4. Following year, next Festival is in preparation​ and we can license Brand​ out to other countries –
  5. Brand VALUE continues to rise as our Festival and our licensed Festivals succeed –
  6. Repeat steps 4 through 6​ to create and/or license as many Festivals as we want with very minimal risk and maximum revenue.

How to Maximize Ticket Sales

As mentioned above, festivals often fail by ignoring the local community and, with ego, assume that mainstream talent alone sells tickets. This is how tickets are actually sold by ANY festival:

  1. Mainstream famous talent attracts 25 to 50% of attendees.
  2. Local talent is attracted to mainstream talent and thus attract 25 to 50% of attendees.
  3. Massive marketing and PR actions attempt to bring in the missing 0 to 50% of attendees that 1 & 2 missed. 4. Eventually, the Brand alone will account for 90-100% of attendees (now known as FANS) – further reason why Brand overrides Talent – and Marketing/PR simply communicates this awareness and communicates with eventual Fanbase.

Effective Branding Campaigns for Concerts

There was a time when branding might refer to a simple logo design and maybe a set of matching business cards. Of course, a great logo is still a key element to your event’s success…

But think how much more exposure your company will receive when promoted correctly to the vast, global online audience. Over 3 billion human beings use the internet and the smallest sliver of that pie can blow up your event to unimaginable success.

The Rules of Engagement

Effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a purchase is made. There are 3 levels of effective frequency:

  • Curiosity
  • Recognition
  • Decision

It takes an average of 7-20 instances of advertising exposure, be it paid or organic, before a person decides whether or not they will make a purchase from your company. So: with our digital branding campaigns, we constantly push your brand name into the public arena, targeting only your potential customers (filtered by income, age, gender, interests and a wide variety of other factors). We guarantee maximum exposure to your future & potential ticket buyers, all within your chosen budget.

Remarketing & Ad Retargeting

This marketing strategy takes advantage of the rules of effective frequency. Basically, it works by utilizing cookies to track the websites that users visit. Once they leave a related site, the products or services they viewed will be shown to them again in advertisements across different websites & social media channels. For example, if they have searched for other electronic dance music festivals, your advertisement will be shown to them repeatedly!

It’s fairly obvious as to why this technique is so effective. With only two percent of web traffic converting on the first visit, ad retargeting works to increase the overall conversion rate by reminding consumers of the product or service they previously viewed. This keeps the brand and the product at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. There are psychological studies that show that repeated exposure to brand names and logos creates familiarity, which builds trust and makes consumers more likely to make a ticket purchase.

Remarketing tools are available through Google Adwords, Facebook Boosts and we remarket your dance music event organically, through search engine promotion, social media & viral campaigns, newsletters, press releases and more.

Our Music Festival Marketing & Branding Campaigns encompass a comprehensive marketing strategy, including:

  • Paid Advertisements
  • Audio/Video Production (in coordination with effective viral & media campaigns)
  • Search Engine Promotion
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Reputation Management
  • Remarketing
  • Brand Ambassadors & Endorsements
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Direct Interactions & Engagements with your audience
  • All stages of design & development (logos, websites, print and associated advertising materials).

Are you ready for mass exposure?

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Music Festival Marketing Agency

Music Festival Advertising Agency: Social Media Management

Do you know any successful Concert Event companies who aren’t advertising on social media marketing? Of course you don’t.

Let Go Big L.A. help you navigate the stormy seas of social media management and steer your concert promotions to the shores of success.

Go Big L.A. takes the pressure off by managing your music festival event’s social media campaigns for you. We love tweeting, pinning & facebooking with targeted posts to reach your current and potential customer base. Over 400 million people per day log into Facebook. That’s a huge, untapped market. Having a substantial Facebook or Twitter following equates to free advertising for your latest marketing campaign. We know exactly how to advertise to your target demographic using key interests and remarketing techniques to serve up advertising only to those who are already interested in attending your music festival.

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Social Media Marketing for Concerts & Music Festivals

Search Engine Promotion Professionals

SEO Services for Concert EventsSEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEP (Search Engine Promotion) are the processes that get your music festival website to the top of the search engine results for your chosen keyphrases. Without proper SEO & SEP your website is essentially invisible. Professional web design & development is only the beginning. Go Big L.A. offers over 12 years of world-class SEO services for promoters, concert events & music festivals.

When you perform a google search, you’ll see a mix of both organic & paid results. Our initial & primary focus is getting you the top organic results. After we have properly optimized and promoted your electronic dance music website, those results will continue to display free of charge.

According to research from GroupM UK and Nielsen, surfers are 94% more likely to click on organic versus paid results.

We are seasoned professionals who stay on the bleeding edge of White Hat SEO techniques. Google is constantly changing their algorithms. With major updates such as Penguin & Panda, there is now a much higher emphasis on quality content and much less of an emphasis on articles and backlink strategies. All backlinks need to come from quality high PR (PageRank) Web 2.0 sites, contextual wiki links, RSS feeds and social media buzz. The game has changed and only the educated players can deliver the results your concert tour deserves.

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SEO Infographic for Music Festivals & Concert Events


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