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Use the popularity of the world’s best social media influencers

Imagine your company or app exposed to millions of new & targeted customers & users at a fraction of the price of a traditional celebrity endorsement. 

Harness the power of the new stars of social media, from YouTube to Facebook to Instagram to Vine!

For a fraction of the cost of a single high-profile celebrity endorsement, our exclusive social media influencers will bring your business massive new viral exposure!!

Want to make a BIG impact and have the world fall in love with your company?

You need recognizable & relate-able icons, famous faces & personalities to market your brand. Our innovative brand advocate marketing gives you access to the best social media stars.

Introducing… Social Media Influencers and Brand Advocates

Rather than investing the majority of your marketing budget on a single celebrity endorsement, we will focus our efforts on the new stars of social media, from Facebook to Instagram to YouTube. This will get your business comparatively far greater exposure for a relatively small investment. This exciting new marketing is guaranteed to expose your website, product or app to millions of new fans and followers.

Through our social media key influencers we will harness the 20-30something target demographic who drives social media. We will implement a unique & effective brand advocate marketing strategy featuring the new stars of social media, from Instagram to Vine to YouTube.

Harness the power & proven charisma of brand advocates and key influencers to push your company to new levels. We are passionate about connecting you with the best talent that really fits your strategy.

Our brand advocates embody your corporate identity in their appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. Our social media icon marketing program enlists these charismatic personalities to promote you through the tremendous reach of social media. Viral campaigns on YouTube, Vine and Instagram will get you far greater reach for far less of an investment than a traditional celebrity endorsement. Go Big L.A. are the innovators of this exciting social media key influencer & brand advocate program and are excited to bring your company the exposure it deserves.

Key Influencers on Social Media | Brand Advocate Marketing Works

Brand Advocates, Social Media Personalities and Key Influencers

Choose our social media influencers for a fast and affordable boost

Advertising agencies & corporate firms hire social media influencers with us because of our years of experience dealing directly with the entertainment industry. We have access to many popular celebrities and brand advocates and have done extensive research to determine their market value, demographic reach and popularity.

Our brand advocate network is fully available for your next endorsement deal campaign, including TV commercials, spokesperson campaigns, print campaigns, website promotions, media events, personal & corporate appearances, autograph sessions, VIP meet-and-greets and speaking engagements. Go Big LA will put together the ideal social media influencer deal for your marketing strategy,

Our social media brand advocates are social media celebrities and key influencers hired by our firm to promote your products & services via social media campaigns and viral videos. The brand advocate is meant to embody your brand identity in appearance, values and ethics. Brand advocates and key influencers use our promotional strategies to strengthen the customer-seller relationship and influence your intended audience to buy more of your products & services. Primarily, a social media influencer is known as a positive spokesperson appointed as a media agent to boost product & service sales and create brand awareness.

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