Top 3 Websites Where Form and Function Coexist

Apr 07, 2014

Top websites that shine for both their form and function coexist

There are so many exciting things trending in the web design community for 2014. It seems that through all of the painful coding, sluggish site design, and noisy homepages, the tech savvy community has finally figured out what must be done. Simplicity has made a comeback in the New Year, and from the mouths of insiders and consumers alike, it looks as if deigning websites where both form and function coexist is the way to go. Here is a list of websites that successfully harnessed the power of functionality without skimping on good looks.

1. is one of many sites that are choosing Flat Design for 2014 – If you think that flat design was just a fad, think again. Flat design is minimalism on steroids. Keeping it simple, modern, and sleek are actually things that clients seek out when choosing a design firm. It forces designers and creatives to achieve more by using less. Ditch the clutter and make room for a better user experience where form and function coexist. Definitely a solid choice for business owners.

2. KasraDesign is an excellent example of Responsive Design – For those of you that are unfamiliar, ‘responsive design’ is aimed at constructing a website that is easy to navigate with little resizing, panning, or scrolling. This approach means that your audience can easily view your website on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Some say that it will become an industry standard. Perfecting the art of simple web design, where form and function coexist is key. There is a huge demand for websites that nail this construct mainly based on the increasing number of people that own and operate smart phones. A good amount of consumers browse online while waiting in line, during their commute, or merely dallying on their cell phones. Websites that are easy to navigate on smaller devices are rapidly gaining popularity, and for good reason.

3. HotDotProduction is a great example of making a big statement with Parallax scrolling design – More likely then not you’ll be seeing a lot of the bigger brands using Parallax design in 2014. Parralax has a knack for impact and boasts powerful imagery with strong and creative typography throughout. Keep your eyes open this year for websites that will dazzle you but won’t slow your computer or tablet down. It’s all about finding that happy balance where form and function coexist.


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