What Yelp Says About Your Business.

Sep 16, 2014

Yelp Free Advertising

Is your company currently on the Yelp Business Owner pages? If the answer is no, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is you’re missing out on huge business opportunities. The good news is you could potentially be seen by 138 Million people from 27 different countries!

So what is it that Yelp really says about your valued business and what results can you truly see from a Yelp Business Page? Business Owners like you and I need Yelp for many reasons. The main two reasons being getting new business in the door and creating a reputation for your company. Bringing in new business is something every company has to improve, no matter how large they grow.

So how does Yelp generate new business for your company? Well, there is an average of 138 million unique Yelp visitors each month. This means that 138 million people go on this App each month purely to discover new businesses. 98% of these unique visitors also make purchases based on a business they found on Yelp. 200,000 daily calls and directions are generated to businesses as a result of this amazing platform. This Yelp Business page puts you at the forefront of 138 Million people and an extreme amount of potential business opportunity that you weren’t in front of before. Small businesses who took advantage of Yelp Business pages saw an average $8000 increase in annual revenue. I think any business professional can see the value of this free advertising.

What does your Yelp ranking say about your business?

Yelp rankings and reviews can either cause destruction or exponential growth, depending on the amount of stars and the wording that a consumer leaves.
72% of Yelp users say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations! While 90% of these users all agree that a positive review impacts the company they decide to proceed with for their purchase.

What do the stars these reviewers are leaving mean to your business?

First of all, it’s the customer telling you about their experience. A 1 star rating means they didn’t have a pleasant time… and a 5 star rating means they will more than likely be returning customers. Also, a study by Michael Luca, a professor at Harvard Business School, found that there was a correlation between a high Yelp ranking and revenues. For every additional star you have on Yelp, businesses see an average 5-9% jump in annual revenues. Yelp Rankings and Reviews can benefit or self-implode a business. The reputation of your company is not only in your hands, but in the hands of your customers experiences.

Does your business need a Yelp Business page? The answer is yes, and Yelp will only continue to grow and expand as time goes on. The sooner you have a Yelp Business page, the sooner your business will see an increase in annual revenue and more customers at your door. Don’t wait any longer. Start creating more business with a cost-free solution and put your company on the ‘Yelp Business Pages’.

Contact Go Big L.A. to propel your company to the top of Yelp with professional reputation management services.

What Yelp Says About Your Business.
Article Name
What Yelp Says About Your Business.
Is your company currently on the Yelp Business Owner pages? If not, you're missing out on free exposure. Yelp is part of a fantastic marketing to bring your company new business.

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